Job 15 – Eliphaz Strikes Back / Terminator 2

So far in Job we have heard from Job and his three friends at least once. That was the end of “Round 1” and then for three chapters (Job 12, 13, & 14) we heard from Job as he prayed and spoke to his friends. So this chapter is the start of “Round 2”,  and the first one of Job’s friends who spoke the last time (Job 4-5), known as Eliphaz the Temanite, who might as well have been named Eliphaz the Terminator, is the first to speak again. Maybe he thinks he will finish Job off this time.

Sometimes believers who know that they stand Righteous before God, based solely upon the Righteousness of Christ, and not on any righteousness of our own, come across as arrogant or full of pride, if we make statements like, “I know I’m going to heaven”, or “I am a saint of God”, or even to say that we are Justified or Righteous. The religious mindset of the traditionalist thinks, “How dare you make such a statement? I would never declare that of myself! You are committing the sin of pride!” Well if we did declare ourselves to be righteous, they would be right – that would be the height of arrogance! But we aren’t doing that, all we are doing is believing God, taking God at His Word, and believing what God has said of us (See Rom.5:1; 8:33; Gal.2:16).

Eliphaz represents the mindset of the traditional religious person. He sees no good in man and man could never become righteous (Job 15:14-16).  He speaks of Job as if he was amongst the wicked, that Job’s secret sins are what have brought all his troubles upon him (vv.17-35).

This chapter reminds us that the attacks against Job did not end in Job 1 with the loss of his cattle and the deaths of his children, or in Job 2 with him being covered in boils. Most of the attacks have come from his three well-meaning friends, and those attacks came against the mind and heart of Job!


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