Jesus’ Triumphant Entry Into Jerusalem!

We took a couple of weeks break from Job as it was Palm Sunday and Easter is next week.

In this message from Matt.21:1-22 we looked at the events leading up to and the events that took place when Jesus went up to Jerusalem for the final week leading to His Passion. These events include:

  1. His Triumphant Entry (Matt.21:1-11).
  2. His Cleansing of The Temple (Matt.21:12-17).
  3. His Cursing of The Fig Tree (Matt.21:18-22).

Let us not think for one moment that Jesus did not know what would befall Him as He “entered the lion’s den”, since He had foretold to His disciples, not only that He would be betrayed, that he would suffer, be handed over to the Gentiles, and condemned to death, to be scourged, and crucified, but that He was also rise again the third day (See Matt.16:21-23; 17:22-23; 20:17-19). Knowing what was ahead of Him, He endured the cross, despising its shame (See Heb.12:2).

If you’d like to watch the video of this sermon on Youtube, just click on this link!


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