Sunday Sermon

God’s word Is A Fire!

Speaker: | February 16, 2020

This morning Larry O’Mahoney shared many examples of how the Fire of God is used in the Bible. Texts included Jer.20:9, Jn.15:3; Heb.1:7; Lk.24:32; Jn.8:12; 2 Pet.3:10ff; Matt.3:11-12; Deut.4:24; Isa.43:1-2; Dan.3; Ps.39:3; Lk.24:17ff; Isa.35:8; Lk.16.

Staying Afloat In Troubled Times!

Speaker: | January 26, 2020

This Sunday Eric shared this message on Faith and how various Biblical characters were ‘kept afloat during troubled times’, because of their obedience to God. Here are 3 Points to take away from this sermon:...